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How long will it take for me to receive my order?

It typically takes less than 10 business days for you to receive your order. Each item is strung then shipped from Mie, Japan on placement of the order which accounts for the delay. This is necessary to ensure that you receive the highest quality pearls.


Do you charge for shipping?

No, shipping is free.


Will I be given a number so I can track my purchase?

Supply us with your email address and once your order ships we'll send you a tracking number. 


What if I'm unsatisfied with my purchase? Can I return it?

We offer a 45 day guarantee. Check our return policy page for more details.


Will I be charged taxes on my purchase?

Yes, you will be charged taxes.


What if I want to update or cancel my order?

 Email customer service and have you order number and credit information on hand so we can verify your order.


What's the length of your pearl strands?

 Our Princess strands are 18 inches in length.


What are your pearls rated? What's the quality comparable to?

 All of our pearls are tested for quality by a third-party testing facility. We use this system because it ensures consistent high quality, the highest quality pearls in the pearl industry. We use only the top 1% of all pearls produced annually.


Where do you get your pearls?

 Our akoya pearls are farmed in Japan’s Ago bay and our jewelry is handmade at Japan's Mie prefecture. Our Tahitian pearls are farmed in French Polynesia and exported from Tahiti, while our South Sea pearls come from Australia.


Are your pearls freshwater or saltwater?

All of our pearls are saltwater, which is a much higher quality than the freshwater pearls that have flooded the marketplace recently. Saltwater are round, have thicker nacre and a much higher lustre.


What do you mean by all-natural?

Our pearls are 100% natural, no dyes or chemicals are used to enhance color or luster. We are the only jeweler who can make this claim. Other pearl jewelry manufacturers use harmful dyes and potentially toxic chemicals to enhance their pearls color and luster.


Do your pearls have blemishes?

 Pearls are natural stones, so some minor blemishes may occur. Our pearls are as close to flawless as you can get in the industry.


Are your pearls strung on silk?

No, silk doesn't hold form, decays and breaks. We use surgical grade stainless steel wire, the industry standard. Wire holds its form better, making it more appealing to the eye.

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