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Japan’s Pearls & Coastal Preservation of Ago Bay

At Masato Pearls, we believe that we have a responsibility to help the local ecosystem and economy in the area where our Japanese pearl farmers live and work. Proceeds from each sale go to the Mie Gyoren, a conservation organization comprised of local businesses, to help preserve Ago Bay in Japan.

Mie Gyoren runs campaigns that aim to clean up debris, including natural debris, such as tree limbs, and man-made debris, like plastic. Preventing this debris from entering the ocean protects both wildlife and the human residents of the area. Conserving the ecosystem of the bay is also essential for the survival of small fisheries and pearl farmers in Ago Bay.

Preserving the Japanese Pearl

In the past, Masato's own pearl farmers have participated in local cleanup efforts following typhoons and floods. These efforts help prevent debris from causing permanent damage to the coastline and coastal waters. By working together to cleanup, local businesses can get back to work more quickly after natural disasters, helping to mitigate the economic toll for the residents.

The connection between the environment and the economy is strong in Ago Bay. Mie Gyoren knows this, and, in addition to clean-up efforts, also offers seminars to educate local youth on the need for ecological conservation in protecting Mie's local economy. Furthermore, Mie Gyoren educates environmental activists and government personnel in Mie and other developing nations. For example, in collaboration with the Henan Province in China, Mie has provided environmental technologies and education, as well as regulation for protecting the ecosystem.

For the pearl farmers and their neighbors, these efforts mean that the beauty and resources of the coastal waters are protected for the future, maintaining quality of life and local businesses that have been handed down for generations. For you, the consumer, Masato's cooperation with Mie Gyoren means that your Japanese pearl jewelry is not only ethically sourced, it is part of a system focused on sustaining the natural beauty from which it came. For more information, read about our Pearl Culturing Process or our Pearl Quality Standards.

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